XM 131, B major (Benda)

RISM id: 170000075

This concerto has been identified as a piece by Franz Benda (1709-1786) as L II:20, and is obviously influenced by the Tartini school. Depending on when it was written, one can assume that it has been inspired by his teacher Johann Gottlieb Graun, who was Tartini’s most famous German pupil.

This concerto was published twice, attributed to Joseph Riepel (1709-1782), in Regensburg (1756) and Paris (“Reipel”, 1767). The cadenza in the 3rd movement is not included in the Paris edition.

Wikipedia’s list of Benda’s works

The video above contains the parts pretty much as they appear, including fingerings and dynamic markings. I have added a few tutti/solo indications, and the metronome marking for the sake of playback.