XM 151, A flat major. Scaccia

RISM id: 170000095

A rather unusual violin concerto by the milanese Angelo Maria Scaccia (c. 1690 – 1761). It also exists in the Universitetsbilioteket in Lund, RISM id 190003258. (Thanks Tim Willis!)

In ‘The Italian Solo Concerto, 1700-1760, Rhetorical Strategies and Style History’ (2004), Simon McVeigh and Jehoash Hirshberg write about this piece:

‘One concerto (Sca10) is in Ab major, the only example of this key yet discovered in the entire contemporary concerto repertoire; it must normally have been avoided because of the serious tuning problems it presents, whether for the strings or for the normal harpsighord temperaments […] This experimental work lies mostly in low tessitura, the solo line requiring the E-string only five of seventy-nine bars; especially unusual is the opening of the first solo on the G- string.’