The concerto with the fugues

The violin concerto in g minor, in the Gunnerus collection known as XM 121, is an excellent piece of music. It displays the skills of an unknown master; both harmony and counterpoint is flawless.

The two fast movements are both fugues. Who has composed violin concertos that include fugues? I can only think of Bach’s double concerto BWV 1043, and Vivaldi’s RV 565 from L’estro armonico. Please comment below if you know other examples!

Painstaking editing

A sicnificant amount of time is spent on preparing the manuscripts for performance by making legible scores and parts. Luckily, we have modern typesetting software, that not only makes the music more easily accessible, but also plays back the score and makes it easy to spot mistakes in the parts.

Yes, they made mistakes also in the 1700s.

4 manuscripts identified!

So far, 4 of the anonymous manuscripts have been identified, thanks to valuable help from fellow musicians, new information in the RISM database and pure coincidence:

  • XM 119 turned out to be the sinfonia to Vivaldi’s opera Teuzzone (1718).
  • XM 131 has been identified as a concerto by Franz Benda (1709-1786).
  • XM 136 and XM 137 are composed by Carlo Tessarini (1690-1766) and belong to his 12 Concerti à 5 con violino obligato (Paris, 1745). He composed these concertos during his time as music director at the Ospedale del Derelitti in Venice, before he moved to Urbino in 1731.